Clergy Support Racial Justice Act

June 26, 2008

News Update 06.26.08

North Carolina

Over 300 members of the clergy have called upon North Carolina legislators to pass the Racial Justice Act.  The bill, which would allow capital defendants to present evidence that the death penalty was sought against or imposed upon them for racially biased reasons, was passed by the House last year but has been sitting in a Senate committee ever since.  Learn more here.

Scott Bass and the others walking the Pilgrimage of Remembrance from North Carolina to Washington, DC are well into Virginia.  The trek is meant to honor the memories of those lost to execution, to show support to current death row inmates and their families, and to call for the abolition of the death penalty.  More here.


Everything you could ever want to know about SCOTUS’ decision in Kennedy is on the Sex Crimes Blog.  A roundup of reactions from major newspapers is here, thoughts on the implications of the case for the presidential election are here, and reflections on the opinions are here, here, and here.


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