September 18, 2008

North Carolina

North Carolina’s Brian Stull, writing in the ACLU blog, gives us this primer on the Sixth Amendment in capital cases.  The right to counsel is never more important than when death is on the line, yet all too often “defense attorneys involved in capital cases prove inept, ineffectual, underfunded, and overmatched by the State’s attorneys.”


There is new evidence that Julius Rosenberg, who was executed in 1953 for espionage, was in fact a spy.  However, there remains little evidence that his wife Ethel, whose botched execution occurred moments after her husband’s, was involved.

Clemency has been denied for Georgia’s Troy Davis, despite evidence of his innocence.  Click here to urge the parole board to reconsider its decision.

SCOTUSBlog has this summary of recent filings in Kennedy v. Louisiana, the child rape case.

According to the FBI, the murder rate went down in every region of the country in 2007 except for the South.  86% of executions in 2007 were conducted below the Mason-Dixon.


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