William Robinson Sentenced to Death

A Stanly County jury has sentenced William Eugene Robinson to death for the 2006 murder of Kevin Devon Crump.

10 Responses to William Robinson Sentenced to Death

  1. Laureen Millar Holt says:

    Just cannot support this; I’m no “bleeding-heart” liberal, nor do I believe that criminals should not be punished, OR that the law go “easy” on them. But spending far more $$ over long years of appeals from death row, as opposed to incarcerating the person for life, is something I just can’t go along with. The millions spent by the state defending this sentence could be much better used in any # of other departments of the state, esp. in this age of “tight” budgets, & budget deficits.Life w/o parole IS “real” punishment–don’t believe that?
    Just go to a prison pen-pal site, & find someone on it who’s doing life w/o parole & drop him/her a line asking is s/he feels that s/he is being “punished” w/a sentence that’ll see the lifer die in prison, alone. Prison is serious deprivation, & REAL punishment, especially if the sentence is life w/o parole. Write to Michelle Theer @ NCCIW in Raleigh–she’s positively miserable every day of her life there….

  2. Concerned Citizen says:

    Ms. Theer SHOULD be miserable, but it’s all relative. Being able to send and receive email isn’t the worst conditions one could be subjected to. Reducing the costs of appeals would be a reasonable alternative. But, career criminals like Robinson who have made a life of violating the rights of others have no place in society.

    • LaureenMillarHolt says:

      And, that’s what a life without possibility of parole sentence provides.
      Think about it, ConcernedCitizen–a man/woman in 20’s or early 30’s has the REST of his/her life to face in PRISON. Once people enter prison, they do not cease to think, to feel, to desire, to need…anything. Imagine getting up every morning knowing that you will never see freedom again, to wit: never be able to eat whatever you want, never drive a car again, never go to the beach, never live with your children–or have them, if you don’t–never make love, never buy & wear your own shoes & clothes, etc. You KNOW that you are going to DIE in this place, ALONE. NO one you love will be @ your deathbed for you to say “good-bye” to. Prison, from what I’ve been told, is a LONELY, LONELY experience, to say 0 of the crappy food, having to deal w/nasty people(other inmates) being told what to do, where to go, when to sleep, etc., day after day after day….depression, suicidal thoughts start in on you…..

      DO NOT think that the only “real” punishment around these days is capital. Life in prison w/o parole IS very real PUNISHMENT.

      • Concerned Citizen says:

        Yes, I believe that would be a horrible existence. However, I don’t believe taxpayers should be responsible for such a creature’s upkeep, for the rest of his/her life.

      • LaureenMillarHolt says:

        I hear what you’re saying, CC–
        But what I cannot stomach is the MILLIONS of $$ the state spends defending this sentence. Ted Bundy cost FL $2.16 MILLION in 10 years on appeals b4 the state stuck a needle in his arm, where it’d have spent 1/3-1/2 that much on him if he’d been given life w/o parole. Multiply THAT number by the inmates on death row, & you have a SIGNIFICANT amount of $$ spent JUST to exact revenge on the murderer. Even God didn’t do that to Cain after he murdered his brother!
        Stanley “Tookie” Williams spent 25 years on death row staving off execution in CA–haven’t been able to locate a site that gives the tab on the cost of his appeals, but 25 years of appeals is NOT “cheap” by any definition of the word. Prison is a harsh reality & those I write to who have “the other death sentence” have 0 @ all good to say about it; from the sound of it, the food alone is no different than hog slop. Some of them have told me that there’ve been times when s/he has gotten so depressed & despondent over the life w/o parole s/he is serving that suicide has been a tho’t….the lifer w/o parole will never eat @ restaurant, drive a car, own or rent a residence, be able to come/go as s/he pleases, make love, drink champagne on NY’s Eve, wear his/her own shoes/clothes, go shopping….& these inmates tell me that tho’ts of doing these things, knowing they never will again, but, instead, will leave prison COLD, flat on the back, toes pointing up, on a gurney, having died ALONE, w/no one s/he loves around when s/he passes to say “goodbye” to, “is all I have to look forward to…joy & happiness here doesn’t exactly abound.” (Yes, I can understand that–prison is a place of punishment, not amusement/recreation….)

        People just seem to think that when a crime triggers the capital case’s requirements for prosecution as such, that there’s 0 alternative to the “ultimate punishment.”

        LIFE WITHOUT POSSIBILITY OF PAROLE is definitely an alternative, & think again if you think “That’s not real punishment.” The inmates I write to serving this sentence definitely think it is!

    • Samaya says:

      I agree Ms. Theer should be miserable!!!!! She had her husband killed. Then she had the state spend extra money chasing her behind around the country while she was having face lifts. I do not feel one bit sorry for her. She was a highly educated woman that could used other alternatives to deal with her marriage. So, if she is miserable than so be it. But I will say this mayne if she took some of her time and used it to help other women in there that may not have their education get theirs maybe life wouldn’t be so miserable after all. She was a psychologist for crying sakes! Imagine that!

  3. deathwatch says:

    CC – While inmates in federal prison have limited access to e-mail, state prison inmates like Ms. Theer do not.

  4. Concerned Citizen says:

    Just referencing the email address provided by Laureen Millar Holt. Email address without access to it? Not very effective.

  5. LaureenMillarHolt says:

    That is true, deathwatch;
    The inmates I write to–some state, some federal–don’t seem to care whether it’s e-mail they get from me, or snail-mail, they’re just glad to have someone to communicate with. I do this not so much out of “pity” or “sympathy” for their circumstances–which they admit they’ve created–but bcz I am a devout Catholic who want to cover all the bases that Christ gives His followers to cover in Matt. 25: “I was hungry, & you gave me to eat; I was thirsty, & you gave me to drink; I was a stranger, & you took me in; naked & you clothed me; in prison, & you came unto me….” If Heaven is your desired destination after your death, you will not make it there w/o performing these corporal acts of mercy. I WILL make it to a prison visiting room to see a person in prison personally, but in the meantime, I will correspond w/several people, if only to brighten their day while they’re paying their debt to society. And yes, I DO write to people on death row….

  6. Are you the same Laureen Millar Holt who was on trial in North Carolina for second-degree murder of six month old Amber Hall in 1994?

    “At trial, the State’s evidence tended to show that while in defendant’s care on 7 July 1994, Amber Hall (“Amber”), a six month old infant whom defendant provided day care for in her home, suffered a severe head trauma, as well as, significant brain damage, as the result of a “nonaccidental trauma or . . . shaken baby syndrome.” After her initial injury, Amber survived for approximately twenty-two months. During those twenty-two months, Amber was in a vegetative state; she was blind; she suffered from cerebral palsy and seizures; she lost her circadian rhythm resulting in her inability to sleep; she was unable to chew or swallow; she could not learn to crawl, walk, or speak; her skull collapsed; and her head shrank. Then on 26 May 1996, Amber died of pneumonia related to her severe head trauma. Ultimately, defendant was convicted of the second degree murder of Amber.”

    Is that you?


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