Senate to Vote on Racial Justice Act Tuesday

July 26, 2009

A message from the NC Coalition for a Moratorium.

The NC Racial Justice Act is nearing the finish line!

The NC Senate will vote to concur on the Racial Justice Act next Tuesday.

Please call, fax, or email Senators… or all three!  Ask that they vote to concur on RJA (S461) with no amendments or delays.


Click here to fax and/or email NC Senators and ask them to concur on Racial Justice Act (S461) next Tuesday!


Names Office # (919)
Charlie Alberson (D) (919) 733-5705
Marc Basnight (D) (919) 733-6854
Don Davis(D) (919) 733-5621
Steve Goss (D) (919) 733-5742
David Hoyle (D) (919) 733-5734
Tony Rand (D) (919) 733-9892
John Snow (D) (919) 733-5875
A.B. Swindell (919) 715-3030

The NC Racial Justice Act would not have made it as far as it has without your help. Thank you for everything you do!

North Carolina Coalition for a Moratorium

PO Box 1008

Durham, NC 27702



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