Mistrial Declared in Ryan Case

June 2, 2009

After nearly nine hours of deliberations, the jury in the capital trial of Michael Ryan was not able to agree on whether he was guilty or innocent of the crime charged  The jury was split 8-4, but it is not known which way they were leaning.

Prosecutors have already said that they intend to retry the case.

Britt Trial Begins

June 2, 2009

In Robeson County, jury selection has begun in the second capital trial of Myron Britt.  Britt was first tried in 2006, but the jury deadlocked on the question of guilt or innocence.

Myron Britt is accused of the 2003 murder of his wife, Nancy.  At Britt’s first trial, the State argued that he killed his wife to collect on her life insurance policy and pay off his debts.  The defense presented evidence that Britt was not in financial trouble, and that the police failed to follow up on other suspects.

If convicted, Britt could face the death penalty.


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