Military DP OK’d for Ft. Bragg Soldier

July 29, 2008

News Update 07.29.08

North Carolina

President Bush has authorized the execution of former Fort Bragg soldier Ronald Gray.  Gray was convicted in 1988 of a series of rapes and murders in the Fayetteville area, and has been at the military death row in Kansas ever since.  A lethal injection has never been conducted at Fort Leavenworth.  The last military execution, by hanging, was performed in 1961.  No execution date has been set, and more appeals are likely.  Gray is one of six men on the military’s death row.  As governor of Texas, Bush approved over 150 executions, more than any governor in recent history.  He is now the first president since Eisenhower to greenlight a military execution.  More here, here, and here.  Props to CDW for finding an article explaining the federal appeals process for military death sentences.

The Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals has denied a rehearing en banc in the case of William Gray.  Gray will receive a new sentencing hearing in Lenoir County.  As indicated in this prior post, a panel of the 4th Circuit found that Gray was prejudiced by his trial attorneys’ failure to investigate and present evidence of his severe mental illness.


Oh no they didn’t.  StandDown reports that local police and Texas Rangers searched the offices of attorneys representing a capital defendant.  Who requested the search?  The district attorney prosecuting the case.  Who approved the search?  The judge who will preside over the trial.  Did they find the alleged hidden evidence of guilt they were allegedly searching for?  Of course not.


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