Stitt Sentenced to Life Without Parole

News Update 05.16.08

North Carolina

A Cumberland County jury has voted to spare the life of convicted double-murderer James Stitt. Stitt killed his housemate, a 21-year-old soldier, and the soldier’s 16-year-old girlfriend, at their home in 2005. He then took the victim’s car and other property and drove to Brooklyn, New York, where he sold some items and disposed of the gun before being arrested three days later. Stitt will serve life without the possibility of parole for the murder of the girl, as well as 22 to 27 years for the robbery and murder of the soldier.

In Raleigh, lawmakers, legal scholars, lawyers, journalists, filmmakers, and religious leaders came together to encourage others to take a closer look at capital punishment. Clips from the film “At the Death House Door” (about Texas death row chaplain Carroll Pickett) were shown as Glen Chapman‘s attorney discussed his recent exoneration and Representative Rick Glazier promoted the Racial Justice Act, which is before the General Assembly this session.

Meanwhile in the western part of the state, former Buncombe County sheriff Bobby Lee Medford was found guilty of 11 counts of extortion, money laundering, and illegal gambling. Madison County deputy Randy Edgar Mathis resigned this week after being accused of planting marijuana on a woman to cover up the fact that he had stolen over $300 from her during a search.


Amnesty International reports on the upcoming execution of Mississippi’s Earl Wesley Berry.

Capital Defense Weekly notes that two other executions are scheduled for this month, Samuel Crowe in Georgia and Kevin Green in Virginia.

9 Responses to Stitt Sentenced to Life Without Parole

  1. […] to life imprisonment on May 13th in a high profile federal capital prosecution in Kansas City, ¬†Cumberland County, North Carolina “jury has voted to spare the life of convicted double-murderer James Stitt [who had ]killed […]

  2. Darlene says:

    im so sad to hear what happened to james he was a good friend of mine he lived with me just before he moved to north carolina. he was a good boy never did anything to harm me or my family thats y im so chaed to hear that he murdered his best friend.. i trusted him with my life and even with my family he babysat my son oftened and he was realy good.. after a couple of days of living with me he begain telling me about his life and it was just 2 sad he was always sad and heart from one reason or another..

  3. Charlie says:

    Crap. When you compare sentences of military
    personnel who commit crimes against those of
    civilians for the same crime, you will find the
    military person is given a lot more sentence than the
    civilian. Doesn’t this country see what is pissing
    off the military people. Things like this. Wake up.

  4. Hector says:

    i have to comment i know stitt and the people he killed .. it was a miscarige of justice.I just dont understand u kill two people u shouldnt live maybe it’s anger but thats the way i feel !!

  5. tHa QueeN bEE* says:

    damn son… i miss you kidd!!!!!!!! fuck what a hater gotta say cause anyone that knows you, knows that it would take alot for you to actually murder someone.. so something terribly wrong had to happen or your covering up someone else mistakes, either way keep ur head up! i love you!!!!!!!

  6. Glenda says:

    Well all i have to say is..i know james also personally and was one ofthe pple he went to when he came back but that doesn’t mean that i agree with what he did.. or didn’t do i don’t know.. but if 12 pple found him guilty there is RESONALBE DOUBT. Hey shyt happens everyone is responsible for their own actions!!!! and if it was your sister or brother you would be delighted to know he’ll never be out to see freedom again.. BECAUSE JENNA CAN’T !!!

  7. Nick says:

    I know james and know he wouldn’t do something like that..point blank..


  9. T Perez says:

    He shot my cousin in cold blood…

    George was an amazing and compassionate person. I know Mr. Stitt had a “sad life” but, the people that said “he never did anything wrong before” must not have seen his armed burglary wrap sheet before he murdered people and stole a vehicle. This guy was troubled and he had no options. He snuffed the life out of two young people who had promising lives ahead of them. He was jealous. He should pay for what he did.

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