Bazed and Confused

October 1, 2007

News Update 10.01.07

North Carolina

Nothing to report.


Following its grant of certiorari in Baze v. Rees, the Supreme Court declined to stop the execution of Michael Richard.  It appears that Richard was executed in large part because the computers at his attorneys’ office crashed and they were unable to file his petition until 20 minutes after the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals closed for the night.

On Thursday, the Court saw fit to stay the execution of Carlton Turner, Jr., but offered no explanation for its decision. Texas still plans to execute Heliberto Chi later this week. More here.

Meanwhile, Alabama Governor Bob Riley granted a brief stay to Thomas Arthur, but only to give the state more time to spiffy up its new lethal injection procedure. Riley reasserted his confidence in Arthur’s guilt, but continues to deny DNA testing that would prove guilt (or innocence) conclusively.

Other states are debating what steps to take next. No one really knows what’s going on, which is ironic given that part of the reason for granting cert in Baze was to clear things up.

Michael RichardsCarlton TurnerHeliberto ChiTommy Arthur
Michael Richard, Carlton Turner , Heliberto Chi, and Thomas Arthur

(photos from Departments of Corrections)

Executions – October 2007

October 1, 2007

3 – Heliberto Chi (TX)

9 – Anthony Washington (PA – stay likely)

11 – Raymond Solano (PA – stay likely)

15 – William Castillo (NV – volunteer)

16 – Jack Harold Jones, Jr. (AR)

17 – Christopher Scott Emmett (VA)

18 – Romell Broom (OH – stayed)

24 – Michael Joe Boyd (TN – commuted)

25 – Daniel Siebert (AL)


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