Current Cases in NC

News Update 8.22.07

North Carolina

There are presently at least two capital murder trials underway in North Carolina. In Hoke County, Kelvin Ray Smith has been convicted of robbery and murder charges and is moving into the sentencing phase of his trial. In Wake County, jury selection has begun for the trial of Andrew Canty.

Meanwhile, at least four defendants who formerly faced the death penalty have been sentenced to less: Robert Lilly (Anson County, second-degree murder), Jondre Lowemincey (Onslow County, first-degree murder – life without parole x2), Tharon Johnson (Onslow County, second-degree murder x2), and Robert Fastje (Union County, second-degree murder).

An op-ed by the ACLU’s Christopher Hill:

At every step of the capital conviction process, our state government has shown a willingness to evade, or even betray, the truth. It is against this backdrop that North Carolina must now reconsider carrying out the most severe sanction.

The truth is that the death penalty in North Carolina is broken. Considering the travesty confirmed by Judge Morrison, it is hard to imagine that it can be fixed.


DePaul University College of Law’s Center for Justice in Capital Cases offers training and resources for students and professionals interested in the effective representation of capital clients. (c/o DPIC)

2 Responses to Current Cases in NC

  1. Jose L. Perez says:

    in North Carolina we are too quick to want to convict and execute all that due to a killed someone. God is the final judge and he said “though shalt not kill”. That includes the states. God have mercy on the souls of the men and women on Death Row and those about to go before a jury. Amen

  2. leslie says:

    I totally agree. It is not up to man to decide wether someone should live or die.God is in control of when we are born and when we die and yes it is wrong to murder someone but the state is just as guilty. God is the ultimate judge and he will handle all of us when it is our time. im not saying murderers shouldnt be punished i just think that we dont have the right to take someones life just let them spend the rest of their lives locked up and when they die God will punish them for what they have done.

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