Wilmington Police Serve Warrant Via Tear Gas Canister

May 11, 2007

News Update 5.11.07

North Carolina

In Wilmington, police use helicopter, sniper, tear gas, shields, dogs, and assault rifles to serve a warrant in an unsolved homicide case. Police have not said who they were seeking, which murder they were investigating, or why extreme force was necessary. “You don’t expect that stuff except on TV,” said a neighbor.


In Florida, reporters who witnessed the torture-execution of Angel Diaz have been subpoenaed to testify about what they saw. The media is resisting, saying that being called to testify would “impede” their work. Those seeking the testimony say that no one else who witnessed the execution – prison officials, loved ones of the victim and defendant, etc. – is neutral enough to provide accurate testimony about what happened in the death chamber. More here.

In Texas, the Court of Criminal Appeals issued a surprise decision blocking execution for Jose Angel Moreno. Moreno was about three hours away from being strapped to the gurney when the Court, likely influenced by the US Supreme Court’s recent actions in Texas cases, decided to reconsider whether Moreno was properly sentenced to death.

Head on over to Capital Defense Weekly for the skinny on New Jersey’s steps towards abolishing the death penalty. It’s by no means a sure thing, but even having a serious debate about abolition is progress.


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