200th DNA Exoneration Expected Today

News Update 4.23.07

North Carolina

Victims’ families say inmate pain irrelevant, it’s time for executions.


In California, legislature puts brakes on governor’s secret death chamber. The true cost of the project would have been nearly double what lawmakers were originally told.

In Colorado, legislators would rather spend millions of dollars trying to kill people than use the money to solve cold cases. There are more capital prosecutors in Colorado than there are people on death row.

In Illinois, court is expected to grant relief today to the 200th person exonerated based on DNA evidence. Jerry Miller spent 25 years in prison based on faulty eyewitness identifications.

In Ohio, innocent man freed after serving 16 1/2 years for a crime he did not commit. Randy Resh and his lawyers burst into tears of joy upon hearing the verdict: not guilty on all counts.

In Tennessee, American Bar Association calls on state to extend moratorium and fix problems with poor representation and disparity on death row. An execution has been scheduled for May 9th.

In Texas, district attorney asks county to pick up the tab for DNA and case reviews that freed 13 innocent men. Squabbling over who should pay could mean innocent people spend more time in prison.

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