Lessons (un)Learned

April 18, 2007

News Update 4.18.07

North Carolina

Durham County DA’s whine that it’s too much trouble to audiotape interviews, so they’re just going to talk to fewer witnesses. Because not conducting a thorough investigation has never gotten them in trouble before…

On May 3rd, Elizabeth Beck will be speaking at the Regulator Bookshop (720 9th Street in Durham, 7 PM) about her new book In the Shadow of Death: Restorative Justice and Death Row Families.


The Houston Chronicle wonders why Harris County has so few exonerations, and concludes that it might be related to the fact that police have been throwing away key evidence.

Information on today’s oral arguments in the Panetti (mental illness) case, care of Stand Down Texas. Includes links to print and radio media, as well as a site where a transcript of the arguments will be posted when available.

Shout Outs

Thanks to Brian Russell and Gregory Korte for the links.


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