News Update 4.02.07

April 2, 2007

North Carolina

News & Observer urges legislators to vote for a moratorium in the wake of recent events.

The lawyer for Sammy Flippen, the last man executed in North Carolina, is considering a wrongful death lawsuit against the State. (For those confused about how this is possible, my guess is that if the State knew they weren’t going to comply with the judge’s order, they didn’t have the authority to execute Mr. Flippen.)

It’s not that I’m avoiding questions about the possible innocence of a man serving nearly 23 years in prison, says Winston-Salem DA, it’s just that I don’t know how to read my e-mail.


In Brooklyn and Manhattan federal prosecutors bringing 20% and 32% fewer cases, respectively, due to huge resource drain from capital cases.

A very detailed article out of Pennsylvania on the workings of the death penalty, through the lens of a single case.

“No one wants to say – at least not out loud – that they oppose laws making it tougher on child rapists.” Why Jessica’s Law might not be such a good idea.

Central Asia approaches complete abolition.

Two Arabs face death penalty for selling a house to Jews.


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