News Update 3.08.07

March 8, 2007

North Carolina

From The (Raleigh) News & Observer, an editorial supporting the autonomy of the Medical Board.

From The (Winston-Salem) Journal, an article suggesting that imposing a gag order in a cop killing is bad for the police. Needless to say, it could be detrimental to the defendant as well.

From WRAL, an interview with the doctors who first raised the execution issue with the Medical Board.

General reports
* From The Daily Tar Heel. Note one error in the article: the death penalty and life without parole are not the predominant sentences for first-degree murder in North Carolina, they are the only possible sentences.
* From The Associated Press.


In Ohio, judge puts murder case on indefinite hiatus and holds attorney in contempt for complete failure to prepare his case.

In Kyrgyzstan, capital punishment has been abolished, but judges keep handing down death sentences.

Why California has the largest death row in the nation, yet executes fewer people than Delaware.

On the other hand, Texas has executed two people in the last two days and has three more executions scheduled this month.

Twenty years later, a look back at the case in which the Supreme Court decided that racial discrimination in the death penalty is inevitable, and therefore declined to do anything about it.


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