News Update 3.02.07

March 2, 2007

North Carolina

State and Medical Board at impasse over executions. More from The Winston-Salem Journal. The (Raleigh) News & Observer doesn’t expect a resolution until after Archie Billings’s and Allen Holman’s execution dates have passed. The issue is expected to go back to the courts.

The (Durham) Herald-Sun on why the State Bar is under almost as much scrutiny as Mike Nifong.


In lieu of the usual out-of-state news, a few reading suggestions:

The Death Penalty: An American History by Stuart Banner – A neutral and highly detailed synopsis of four centuries of capital punishment in America. Learn about changes in crimes punishable by death, methods of execution, public reaction, arguments for and against the death penalty, and more.

The Death Penalty in America: Current Controversies by Hugo Adam Bedau – While the book is a bit out of date (published in 1998) and quite slanted towards abolition, it provides information from a variety of sources (practitioners, academics, statues, court decisions, government studies) on most of the major debates pertaining to capital punishment.


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