Executions – March 2007

March 1, 2007

1 – Landon D. May (PA – stay likely)
2 – Archie Lee Billings (NC – stayed)
6 – Robert Perez (TX)
6 – David Chimel (PA – stayed)
7 – Michael Boyd AKA Abu Shamad (TN – stayed)
7 – Joseph Nichols (TX)
9 – Allen R. Holman (NC – stay likely)
20 – Kenneth Brios (OH)
28 – Vincent Gutierrez (TX)
29 – Roy Pippin (TX)

News Update 2.22.07

February 22, 2007

North Carolina

The News and Observer on Archie Billings’ stay of execution.

Before the stay was granted, Archie Billings’ attorneys sought clemency from the Governor.

I’m not seeing a lot of coverage on the stays for Kenneth Rouse and George Page. Also no word on Allen Holman. I will add more articles should they appear.


Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley explained to The Washington Post why he opposes the death penalty.

Oklahoma man’s death sentence overturned due to ineffective assistance of counsel.

Our fellow death penalty nation Saudia Arabia recently hanged and publicly crucified four men convicted of robbery.

This Just In

February 21, 2007

Judge Don Stephens has issued a stay of execution for Archie Billings.

Similarly, Judge Terrence Boyle has stayed proceedings against Kenneth Rouse and George Page.

News Update 2.16.07

February 16, 2007

Given the slow news day, here is an update on upcoming executions, in chronological order.

North Carolina

Archie Lee Billings (stay likely)
Allen R. Holman, Sr. (stay likely)


Edward Harbison, Tennessee (stayed)
Newton Burton Anderson, Texas
Donald Anthony Miller, Texas
Kevin Brian Dowling, Pennsylvania (stayed)
Daryl Holton, Tennessee (stayed)

Landon D. May, Pennsylvania (stay likely)
Robert Perez, Texas
David Chmiel, Pennsylvania (stayed)
Michael Boyd AKA Abu Samad, Tennessee (stayed)
Joseph Nichols, Texas
Kenneth Brios, Ohio
Vincent Gutierrez, Texas
Roy Pippin, Texas

News Update 2.14.07

February 14, 2007

North Carolina

More on the new execution dates.

The buck stops where?

New book on the death penalty from a professor at Appalachian State.


The Archdiocese of Denver speaks out against capital punishment.

The Vatican condemns the death penalty as an affront to human dignity.

New Execution Dates Set

February 13, 2007

Governor Easley and the Department of Correction have set two executions for March, but given recent events, few believe they will actually go forward.

Archie Lee Billings, 33, is scheduled to die on March 2nd.

Allen R. Holman, Sr., 47, may follow a week later on March 9th.

Billings’ attorney told a reporter that he was surprised to learn that the date had been set, both because he had already filed a motion to stay the execution, and because the Governor had indicated that no date would be set until the lethal injection controversy had been resolved.

Holman has waived his appeals and volunteered for execution.


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